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Codecs Compressions Extensions

Video Codecs Compressions Extensions Codecs Compressions Extensions is the maze for many motion picture/video/film media makers.It’s no wonder because most of these people are arty creative minds and codecs and compressions are far from this.These are among the necessary bad things for creatives. This guide might help you to understand video codecs compressions extensions formats ... Read More

How to Natively Change Frame Rate

Natively Change Frame Rate I guess you’ve already worked on projects in which several cameraguys brought you footage at different frame rates (altough you asked them to switch it and then the answer was : Oh Dude, I forgot it, you know. No, I don’t actually but it already happened”So, it’s your turn to get ... Read More

360 Panoramic Virtual Reality – VR360 Guide

Guide to the World of 360 Panoramic Virtual Reality – VR360 This post isn’t reviewing cameras, brands etc.It tries to get you understand better the resolutions and the way of image projection of VR360 videos / images.There is no deep tech language used so that it can reach wider audiences who are interested in this ... Read More