9 Free Stock Footage and Image Sites

9 Free Stock Footage and Image Sites

If you need stock footage or images and you’re on a tight budget or if you don’t have a budget at all you might find these 9 free stock footage and image sites useful. This is actually 8 sites but ShutterStock is just so massive in this field that it separates to 2 different pages for free content.



  • Please note that copyright is not transfered when you download these files, you only get a license to use the files in your projects according to the license terms of the corresponding site.
  • Please respect copyright and before using the downloaded content make sure that you’re doing it right.

1. ShutterStock Images – Simply massive for Free and Paid Stock Image Content


ShutterStock is huge if it comes to stock images.They offer almost 2.5 million stock images for free.It’s definetely a site to check if you need some freebie content for your project.

2. ShutterStock Footage – Huge collection of free stock videos


ShutterStock is also a strong player in the stock footage side.They have more than 177.000 video clips available for free to use.

3. Pond5 – The Public Domain Project


Pond5 is probably the largest stock footage marketplace in the World.Almost 14 million video clips available on Pond5 and not besides you can choose from millions of images as well as After Effects projects and 3D models.If you need stock media then Pond5 is surely a place to go.They have “The Public Domain Project” in which there are thousands of stock media files for free.

4. MotionElements – 3000+ free clips


MotionElements is a top stock media marketplace in Asia, headquartered in Singapore with offices in Japan and China.Lots of great content is available here.They continously upgrading their services and come up with nice ideas that please both the customers and artists.The free stock media section includes 3000+ clips so if you’re looking for free content it’s definetely worth to have a look.

5. Pixabay – Lots of eyecathcing free images & videos

pixabayPixabay has a wide choice of stock media content including images, videos and vectors.Visually stunning content with simple licensing.

Can’t you find the content that you’re looking for? No problem, check this page for more.

6. Pexels – Easy licensing and beautiful content

pexelsPexels has much beautiful content with easy licensing.

7. 123RF – Image, vector, audio, footage for free

123RF is a stock media agency with several offices around the Globe.They also have a free section where you can get images, vectors, audio files and videos for free.

8. DepositPhotos – Image, vector, audio, footage for free

depositphotos_freeDepositPhotos started as a stock image agency in 2009 and located in the sunny Fort Lauderdale, USA.They offer more than 80 million files including images, vectors and footage.There is also a free section which includes laots of files.

9. MotionPlaces – Free HD mp4 travel footage

motionplaces_freeMotionPlaces offer 4K ProRes compressed travel footage for $99 but they also offer an HD .mp4 (probably .h264 compressed) version of the same clips for free.They require credit if free content is used but overall it sounds like a very fair and good deal.