5 3D Softwares for Making Game Assets

5 3D Softwares for Making Game Assets

Video games industry is growing fast that requires 3D softwares to keep the pace with them.Here are 5 3D Softwares for Making Game Assets.

3dsmax_logo3ds Max by Autodesk

The oldie but goldie.This software was used for making the first 3D video games and it’s still amongst the popular ones. Although in recent years it started to lose its user base because 1. very expensive 2. the competition is significant. 12-15 years ago there was literally no competition. The other popular one was Maya but it’s another Autodesk product and that time it targeted the film industry not the video game industry.

3ds Max still has some good years but then it probably will fade away. Its old time users that keep this software alive. New artist don’t really pick this option.

Another important thing is that 3DsMax is only for Windows OS and because in the last 10 years the number of Mac users boomed it’s another factor that can weaken it.

Overall it’s still a great solution and it knows everything you need to make 3D game assets.

But it’s very expensive. I remember couple years ago the permanent license cost cc. $3600+tax and if you purchased it outside the US its price went up by cc. 25%. But in this case at least you had a license and you had an option to upgrade when you could afford it. That was also super expensive cc. $2500+tax in the US.

Now, you can only subscribe for a month for $190+tax in the US and €248.05 in Europe. If you pay a larger amount for an annual subscription you pay $1505+tax (cc. an avg. $1800) in the US and €1984.40 in Europe for 1-year. This is still cc. +25% price difference in Europe.

You can make your calculations which one was better but overall in 2019 (for game asset modelling) this is crazy expensive.

Important to say that 3ds Max is a powerful 3D software that can be used for basically any professional 3D tasks.

maya_logoMaya by Autodesk

Maya’s popularity increased for making game assets in the last 10 years. I would guess because there has been a massive fluctuation from the film industry to the game industry and those pros there mostly used Maya. Also, Mac’s growing popularity helped Maya a lot because it’s available for both Win and Mac OS.This is another solution for you if you have a deep pocket. Pricing is the same like 3ds Max.


Autodesk probably felt the market loss and tried to make up a solution for video game makers and released Maya LT.

maya_lt_logoMaya LT is specifically designed for making 3D video game assets. This is a fantastic solution for this specific purpose. Obviously it’s missing a lot of features that Maya has but it’s perfect for making game assets.If you have some experience in 3D modelling Maya LT is relatively easy to learn. No, I’m not saying it’s easy. I’m saying that its learning curve isn’t that steep.The pricing is also good.


36.30 / $30 per month

231.41 / $183.75 per year

This is affordable for even a freelancers.


This is a real beast wearing a free mantle. Yes, Blender is free and it’s awesome. It knows everything a 3D software should know. This is literally the solution for many artists and new artists and students absolutely preferred pick.Its leaning curve is steep tough. Very steep. Learning Blender as a rookie is a pain but once you passed a certain point in your studies it gets easier and believe me it’s worth it.Blender isn’t only for making game models but for anything that 3ds Max or Maya can do.

I started using Blender about 12 years ago looking for a good and affordable solution for 3D modelling. It was, and still it is, affordable as it’s free but it wasn’t a good solution back then. It was a bug party and a pain to learn and therefore it was really hard to work with. Constant crashes, non-working functions etc.

But we are here now in 2019 and Blender became a monster. It’s stable and fun to work with and probably one of the biggest thing in Blender’s life is coming soon as they’re about to release a highly anticipated, re-designed, re-thought etc. brand new version of Blender.That’ going to be Blender 2.8. Blender 2.8 Beta is available to download and I also test it and it looks like that it’s getting even more 3D.Definetely there is a 3D supermonster coming,

cinema4d_logoCinema 4D by Maxon

I started using C4D about 7 years ago. At that time I worked as a VFX Artist and Compositor using After Effects. I made some basic 3D modelling back then and because I had access to the Prime version of C4D I used that. Then I really started to feel the need of some 3D integration with AE and Maxon basically heard my wishes and they came up with the Cineware plugin for AE that worked like a charm. It was stable and it did exactly what I needed. There are 4 versions available that makes it an affordable solution for a wide range of users. They offer permanent upgradable licenses only. No subscription plans, that I like.

Prime – €833 / $995

Broadcast – €1547 / $1695

Visualize – €1904 / $2295

Studio – €3570 / $3695

The price of the Studio version is where 3ds Max and Maya were before Autodesk’s subscription system. The huge advantage here is that you have options to choose from. 3ds Max and Maya are awesome softwares but they include a lot of features that you might not need but you still have to pay the highest price for them.

Cinema 4D also comes with a fantastic render engine that isn’t actually that important if I look at the 3D game asset side but on the other hand you can render brilliant product images, that is important.

The learning curve of C4D is not steep. It’s quite easy to learn and its modelling capabilities are very good but for making 3D game assets Cinema 4D is after Blender, Maya and 3DsMax.

Cinema 4D receives a lot of hate by mostly 3ds Max game asset artists because as they say “C4D is for animations” , “C4D is a crap for making game assets” , “C4D doesn’t know this and doesn’t know that” etc. Honestly speaking I sort of agree with them despite the fact that I like using Cinema 4D. It has a lot of plugins that makes it a really competitive 3D software.Altough with R20 Maxon stopped supporting a lot of plugins and basically all plugins that are still supported have to be rewritten by the plugin devs to make it work in C4D R20 versions.It’s basically causing that a lot of plugins will disappear simply because a lot of them is free and devs won’t do anything or just because they don’t do plugins anymore.Cinema 4D is just simply not efficient enough to make good game assets.It’s possible but the other mentioned softwares are better for this.

modo_logoMODO by Foundry

I don’t know Modo but I’ve heard good things about it. I guess, it’s worth to have a look at it.You can buy perpetual license $1799 / €1619 plus $399 / €359 upgrade fee each year ( it applies only if you want to keep your maintenance and Modo updated)


You can also subscribe for $59 / €54 per month or $599 / €539 per year.

Their pricing is here in details

Final Verdict

Blender 2.8 all the way.If you’re new in 3D then you can start using Blender 2.8 Beta and getting better by the time the final release is out.If you already know 3D modeling but thinking about changing then the best way is Blender.It’s powerful and free.

This post is NOT an ad for Blender.This is just sharing my honest opinion about 3D softwares for making 3D game assets.

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