6 Great Game Engines

Artists, programmers, creative minds are essential part of making video games, such as game engines.In this post, you can 6 great game engines that are all perfect for making high-end video games. This post isn’t about comparing, introducing or reviewing the game engines rather just giving you quickly an overall idea about the currently available great game engines. It can be a good starting point for your further researches to make great video games.

1. Unreal Engine

unreal_engine_logoA real game making monster by Epic Games owned by the Chinese tech giant Tencent. Many big hit games are made by Unreal Engine 4. An absolute powerhouse.Endless possibilites, great interface, this is basically a perfect game engine.

Some games made by Unreal Engine :

  • Fortnite
  • Darksiders III
  • Ashen
  • The Walking Dead
  • Tom Clancy’s The Division 2


UE4 is free to download, free to use but once your game is published and start making money you have to pay 5% royalty to Epic Games. For more details, please visit their website.

2. Unity

Another real beast in the club. Unity is also a super popular game engine deservedly.It’s good for doing any tasks for video games being it AAA or Indie game.It also offers great compatibily between different platforms and it handles native 3D formats (.blend, .c4d) which I don’t think any other game engine do. It doesn’t sound very important at the beginning but believe me this feature can save you days of headache later (mostly if you’re not Maya, 3DsMax or Blender user). Unity is also extremely popular game engine for mobile platforms.It’s definitely a must check game engine if you  haven’t picked one yet.

Some games made by Unreal Engine :

  • Ori and the Wild Forest
  • Pokémon Go
  • Super Hot
  • Cities: Skylines
  • Inside
  • thousands mobile games for Android and iOS

Pricing :

  • Personal Plan is free to download and free to use if you make less than $100K/year
  • Plus Plan is 25$/month
  • Pro Plan costs 125$/month

3. CryEngine


CryEngine is developed by a German company Crytek. A lot of words around this company includes “cry”, not sure why but it’s still a great game engine. I would personally think that it has a steeper learning curve than Unreal Engine 4 and Unity but CryEngine is also a great choice if it comes to video game making. If you manage to well understand the way it’s thinking, the final outcomes can be breathtaking. Just think about the Crysis Trilogy. See? “Cry” again 🙂


Some games made by CryEngine :

  • Crysis Trilogy
  • FarCry
  • Sniper Ghost Warrior 2 | Sniper Ghsot Warrior 3
  • Kingdom Come: Deliverance
  • Homefront: The Revolution

Pricing :

CryEngine is free to download andfree to use but you have pay 5% royalty over 5000 EUR/USD of annual revenue per project/game.

4. Lumberyard

lumberyard_logoLumberyard is a game engine by the tech mega-giant Amazon. It’s a powerful game engine with a quite steep learning curve. Lumberyard is basically based on CryEngine. This engine is usually not the first pick of a game developer but it’s a preferred engine by many programmers. Creatives like the visual way better such as UE4 or Unity, even CryEngine is ahead of Lumberyard on this ground but again it depends on your skills, programming knowledge and even your personality.It’s basically an easy switch for CryEngine users. Overall Lumberyard is quite powerful.

Some games made by CryEngine :

  • Star Citizen
  • with a bit of exagerration, any game made wirh CryEngine can be referred to Lumberyard, too

Pricing :

Lumberyard is free to download and free to use and it looks like you don’t have to pay royalty either. Amazon makes money by its web services that game developers use for their games. For more details, visit Lumberyard website and if you’re a beginner on this, be prepared to spend a lot of time there as Amazon’s web services pricing seems chaotic but it’s actually very logical once you picked it.

5. Gamemaker Studio 2

gamemaker_studio_2_logoGameMaker Studio 2 by Yoyo Games is designed for making 2D games by simple drag and drop design. No coding knowledge required for this game engine that can be a dream for creative artists without programming knowledge and affinity. Altough making a video game without programmers is very challenging. GameMaker Studio 2 can be a great option for making sidescroller/platformer games. It’s also available to many platforms.

Some games made by GameMaker Studio 2 : There is a lot of games.They mostly seem to be indie games. Check Out this page with their Showcase


Pricing (it’s relatively complicated but in a nutshell) :

  • Free forever to try and learn
  • Creator Plan – $39 / platform (only for Win or Mac) / 1 year
  • Developer Plan from $99 to $399 / permanent license and price depends on the platform you’re targeting | available to many platforms
  • Console Plan – from $399 to $1500 | mostly 1 year licenses and pricing depends on the platforms

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