Detention Easy Review

2D Graphics8
2D Textures9
Environment Details8
Character Details8
Resolution (up to 4K gets highest point)8
Character Animations8.5
Music (OST)6.5
Sound and Effects9
In Game Conversations10
Horror Factor8.5
Puzzle Solving Factor9.5
Game Uniqueness Factor10
Level Setups9
Artistic Value10
Playability and Controls10
Game Optimization7.5
Bugs (the higher number means less bugs)10
Negatives (anything that degrades the experience - the higher value the better)9
Price Value Ratio (the higher the better)10
The Fun Factor9
Overall Feel10
Detention is a highly artistic 2D sidescroller horror game. By playing it you'll play a game and learn about the history and culture of Taiwan and also you'll experience a dramatic story happening under the Taiwanese martial law in the 1960's .
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Detention Easy Review |

Detention Easy Review |

Detention is a Taiwanese video game made by a small studio, Red Candle Games. The game takes place in Taiwan in the 1960’s in the middle of the so called, White Terror. During this period of Taiwan there was martial law and life was definitely a challenge to live. We follow a dramatic story of a young student girl in her school going through several real historical and religious moments from the Taiwanese culture. Detention is a 2D sidescroller game made with a nice arty design.It’s a survival/atmospheric horror with a lot of puzzles to solve so that you can move in the story.The game can be finished about 4 hours if you play it patiently but what a 4 hour this is. Detention is more than a game.It’s a journey into the Taiwanese culture and you can also clearly feel the dark side of this period and you also learn a lot. This game is definitely for you, if you’re interested in the history and/or culture of the Far-East (in this case especially in Taiwan).It’s also a must to play if you like puzzle solving games in a scary ambient.

One con to mention is the in game loading process. The game doesn’t load the whole scene instead it loads in separate segments depending on which door you choose to go. It’s just a small thing but overall it would be a nicer way to play the scenes in one larger load instead of lots of small ones.

Developer : Red Candle Games

Publisher : Coconut Island Studio

Game Engine : Unity

Country of Origin : Taiwan / China

Genre : Survival / Atmospheric Horror

Release : 2017

Platforms : PS4, PC (Windows), OSX (Mac), Linux, Nintendo Switch

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