Xiaomi Mi 8 Easy Review

Hardware (CPU, GPU, RAM, Display etc.)9.5
Performance & Multitasking10
Camera for Photo8.5
Camera for Video (up to 4K)8.5
Android Version (Android 9 Pie | MIUI 10)9.5
Gaming Experience (2D & 3D)10
Audio Speakers for Music9.5
Headphone/Earphone Audio for Music10
Quality of Calls10
Response Time - Applications10
Response Time - Fingerprint Sensor9.5
Response Time - Face Unlock9.5
Weight and Feel in Palm8.5
Extras (Memory Card Slot, Dual SIM, Fingerprint & Face Unlock, Mini-Jack or USB Type-C)9
Price & Value10
Xiaomi Mi 8 is a high-end phone.A real flagship of Xiaomi and probably far the best value for money in this category. This masterpiece won't disappoint you.
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Xiaomi Mi 8 Easy Review

Xiaomi Mi 8 Easy Review |

The flagship phone of Xiaomi and as such it’s a high-end phone. Probably the best value for money in this category currently on the market. Wonderful large 6.21″ display, excellent performance that is provided by the 8 core Snapdragon 845 processor and high quality all around. It supports fast charging (Quick Charge 4+) for the built-in 3400mAh/3000mAh (Explorer / Pro Edition)* battery altough it comes with a QC3 charger (which is still great). Xiaomi Mi 8 has a USB Type-C connector but no mini-jack connection (Type-C to Audio converter included).It has a dual-SIM slot and fingerprint sensor, face unlock but no place for a memory card. It comes with 6GB RAM and 128GB ROM or for the Explorer Edition it’s 8GM RAM and 128GB ROM. Also there is a protective silicon cover in the box.

Maybe the only downside of this phone is the camera. It’s still a very good camera but as a flagship phone it could be somewhat better.Briefly if the camera is a major factor for you, then there are other flagship phones with better cameras. But do not forget the fact that Xiaomi Mi 8 has an unbeatable price tag. All other high-end phones are a way lot more expensive and honestly speaking those cameras aren’t much better.

*Explorer and Pro version is the same but it’s called differently depending on the market.


xiaomi mi 8 easy review

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