Unravel Two Easy Review

3D Model Details (environment)10
3D Model Details (characters)9
Resolution (up to 4K gets highest point)10
Character Animations9
Music (OST)8
Sound and Effects7.5
Puzzle Solving Factor10
Game Uniqueness Factor9.5
Level Setups9
Artistic Value8
Playability and Controls9
Game Optimization9.5
Bugs (the higher number means less bugs)8.5
Negatives (anything that degrades the experience - the higher value the better)8.5
Price Value Ratio (the higher the better)10
The Fun Factor9.5
Overall Feel9.5
A brilliant, emotional game about friendsip, bonds in a wonderful environment. Unravel Two is one of the cutest game ever made and it's a great one from kids to grandparents.They can also play it together.
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Unravel Two Easy Review |

Unravel Two Easy Review |

Unravel Two is, just like the first part, a puzzle solving platformer (sidescroller) game. This time Yarny, the little yarn doll, got a friend so we have 2 characters to play with.It makes solving the puzzles even more fun.There is also a multiplayer option (local or offline) so the fun factor can be raised even higher. Unravel Two looks awesome. The devs paid attention even to the tiny details in the environment and the characters. Yarny and let’s say Yarni are one of the cutest figuers in video gaming history and the way they can help each other then celebrating after solving the tasks is also very cool. The puzzles are tricky and there are different levels/difficulties and also beside the story mode you can do challenges. This game is among those rare ones that is good for basically any age and it doesn’t want to be more than it’s designed for.

Developer : Coldwood Interactive

Publisher : Electronic Arts

Game Engine : PhyreEngine by Sony (modified version)

Country of Origin : Sweden

Release : 2018

Genre : Puzzle Solving Platformer

Platforms : PS4, Xbox One, PC (Windows)

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