Nokia 3.1 Easy Review

Hardware (CPU, GPU, RAM, Display etc.)6.5
Performance & Multitasking7.5
Camera for Photo6.5
Camera for Video (1280x720 / 30fps)3.5
Android Version (Android One)10
Gaming Experience (2D & 3D)5.5
Audio Speakers for Music5.5
Headphone/Earphone Audio for Music10
Quality of Calls8
Response Time - Applications7
Weight and Feel in Palm10
Extras (Memory Card Slot, Dual SIM, Fingerprint & Face Unlock, Mini-Jack or USB Type-C)7
Price & Value10
Nokia 3.1 is an excellent entry level mobile phone. It offers Dual SIM and Micro SD compatibility, comes with a nice screen and very good feel in the palm. The only significant negative point is the camera but overall Nokia 3.1 is a great value for money.
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Nokia 3.1 Easy Review

Nokia 3.1 Easy Review |

Back in the early days of mobile phones Nokia was the king. Then it faded away into a long hibernation but now Nokia is back. This Easy Review is about the Nokia 3.1 DS (Dual SIM). It’s a basic, entry level mobile phone for those who don’t really need more than a reliable and responsive smartphone. It feels great in the palm, comes with a beautiful screen, Dual SIM and Micro SD card options.It also offers fair battery life, and it’s running Android One which is a plus. For video and photography this isn’t an ideal phone but it gets the job done. It comes with 16GB ROM and 2GB RAM or 32GB ROM and 3GB RAM. It’s price for value is really good. It’s about €110 for the 16GB model Worldwide (where it’s available) It’s quite different for the 32GB model as you can get it between €120 and €180.

There is a version of Nokia 3.1 that has only 1 SIM slot. Double check it, if you decide to buy this phone.

There is also a Nokia 3.1 Plus version that offers a lot more but it comes with a steeper price tag.



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