Shadow of the Tomb Raider Easy Review

3D Model Details (environment)10
3D Model Details (characters)10
Resolution (up to 4K gets highest point)10
Character Animations10
Music (OST)5.5
Sound and Effects8
In Game Conversations9
Action Adventure Factor10
Puzzle Solving Factor10
Game Uniqueness Factor7
Level Setups9.5
Artistic Value8.5
Playability and Controls9
Game Optimization10
Bugs (the higher number means less bugs)10
Negatives (anything that degrades the experience - the higher value the better)9.5
Price Value Ratio (the higher the better)10
The Fun Factor10
Overall Feel10
A fantastic adventure in a magical World. Stunning graphics, beautiful details, treasure hunting and a looooot of adventure in hidden and forgotten tombs in Central/South America.Shadow of the Tomb Raider is a great game.
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Shadow of the Tomb Raider Easy Review

Shadow of the Tomb Raider Easy Review |

Lara’s adventures continue in the last part of the Tomb Raider series, in Shadow of the Tomb Raider. This game is stunningly beautiful, mostly if you can play it in 4K HDR. The jungles, the tombs, the caves, the cities and villages, the characters are all really well done. It’s basically an open-ish World game but the story follows a linear path. The close combat system can be much better but this game isn’t really about that (close combats can be usually avoided anyway by playing stealthily). It’s about adventure, exploring tombs and locations, solving puzzles in ancient places and treasure hunting. Many gamers say that it’s bad that this game is unrealsitic in many ways. ie. Lara can jump and climb to impossible places or can carry guns but you can’t see them on her etc. These are all true but I don’t think it takes any value from the fun factor playing this game. Video games can be / must be unrealistic and of course fun to play. Shadow of the Tomb Raider is definitely a lot of fun to play and it’s a great game.

The cons might be the story, that isn’t very strong and the upgrade system could be a bit better but overall the whole ambient and adventure feeling just overwrite any weakness of the game (and there is only a little weakness).

Developer : Crystal Dynaimcs and Eidos Montréal

Publisher : Square Enix (Japan)

Game Engine : Unreal Engine 4

Country of Origin : USA and Canada

Genre : Action / Adventure with a lot of Puzzle Solving

Release : 2018

Platforms : PS4, Xbox One, PC (Windows), Linux, MacOS

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