Vandroya is a female fronted heavy metal band from Brazil. They play classic heavy metal with power/speed metal parts and also spiced with progressive and rock elements. I keep searching for great or promising (or both) heavy metal bands and I found Vandroya only a couple of months ago, thank to their Helloween Tribute song: “March of Time”. It’s one of the hardest to sing and highest tone song by Helloween from the Kiske era from 1988. I already knew Vandroya’s singer Daísa Munhoz, so I’ve got no clue how I missed this band for so long. Anyway, the main thing is that I found this treasure…because this band is a real treasure. And Daísa was surely born to sing…mostly rock and heavy metal.She’s is a fantastic singer.

vandroya_bandThe band started in Bariri (São Paulo state), Brazil in 2001. Since then they released 2 albums, “One” and “Beyond The Human Mind”. Looking at the album cover pictures with an eye of a digital artist I have to say that both of them are great works, but the cover of the 2nd album and the motion graphics design of the video clip “I’m Alive” is brilliant. Whoever did that : Congrats!

If you like classic heavy metal, you’ll probably start with the album “One” but if you’re rather into some progressive style and more serious and deeper content I would recommend to listen “Beyond The Human Mind” first. If you’re not a big metal fan but you feel being opened to this musical genre, then you should give them a chance and listen some songs because they’re really good. Vandroya also made some epic metal ballads such as “Why Should We Say Goodbye” (originally from 2005 then released on the album One in 2013) and “No Oblivion for Eternity” (Acoustic Version from 2013).


ONE (2013)
Publisher : Inner Wound Recordings


  1. All Becomes One
  2. The Last Free Land
  3. No Oblivion for Eternity
  4. Within Shadows
  5. Anthem (For the Sun)
  6. Why Should We Say Goodbye?
  7. Change the Tide
  8. When Decides to Call
  9. This World of Yours
  10. Solar Night
  11. Bonus Track : Why Should We Say Goodbye? (Piano Version)

Publisher : Inner Wound Recordings


  1. Columns of Illusion
  2. The Path to the Endless Fall
  3. Maya
  4. Time After Time
  5. Last Breath
  6. I’m Alive
  7. You’ll Know My Name
  8. If I Forgive Myself
  9. Beyond the Human Mind

BAND (in 2019)

Daísa Munhoz – Vocal

Gustavo Oseliero – Guitar

Sérgio Pusep – Guitar

Giovanni Perlati – Bass

Otávio Nuñez – Drums


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