Is there a future of Nintendo Wii or Kinect ?

Is there a future of Nintendo Wii or Kinect ?

Is there a future of Nintendo Wii or Kinect ? |

If you are a gamer you’ve probably heard about Nintendo Wii and you surely heard about Kinect for Xbox. Nintendo was always famous about coming up with spectacular new ideas in the video gaming industry but Microsoft is also a big name in this field plus not beside it has the most popular operating system for PCs.

The Wii

Nintendo was basically the first company which started to think about burning calories and making yourself fit while you are playing video games. It was a fantastic idea and it turned into reality in a shape of a new console in 2006. That was the Nintendo Wii. This little console could have changed our way thinking about being fit. Are you fat or shy or maybe both? Are you too busy and don’t have time to go the gym or go for a run? No problem, you can do it in the privacy of your home. You don’t even have to like video games to start making exercises by using these devices. That was such a brilliant concept.

nintendo_wiiNintendo is older but far better because it’s designed for this specific purpose, including the cool Wii Sports games and the Wii Fit unit, while Microsoft never really focused on this side hard (apart from some games). The Kinect was always a stuff that is fun to use for motion controlling apps and giving voice commands.
Nintendo Wii was a device that could have added a lot of extras to our everyday fitness life. And it actually did, but overall it wasn’t enough to keep it developing in the long run. Wii U came out with backward compatibility but it started to lose the track of the original idea. Now in 2019 we can say that this line is over. Switch is the new Nintendo thingy but it’s far from the “calories burning” level of the Wii. But so much left in the Wii concept in my opinion. Great games could be released even for the old system, not talking about something new stuff that could be designed to he 2020’s tech expectations.


What about the Kinect?

The first one came out for Xbox 360 with a couple of pretty cool games and one of the biggest new feature with the Kinect was that the player didn’t need a controller in hand because the device basically 3D tracked the motion of the gamer. That was fantastic. A couple of years later a new one came out for the Xbox One. It was obviously a better and more precise unit. But at this point we could already feel that something is not good. Why?


Because developers didn’t make new games for it. Here, I’m talking about games that were really designed to move your body not only games in which you have to lift one of your hands or sometimes voice control it, altough these are cool features but definitely do not burn any significant calories. It looks like there wasn’t really demand for it and in 2018 Microsoft announced to stop the Kinect line.


It lasted for about a year and thankfully Microsoft announced that they changed their mind and don’t cut the neck of the Kinect and they keep developing new models. But overall, it probabaly wasn’t because people wanted to be more fit, it was much rather because it was an easy way to use Skype and give voice commands to the Xbox and do other comfy things. Anyhow, it looks like it’s still in the line and been continued, which is great, altough the new one isn’t not available yet.

Hopefully the laziness will be defeated by the will of being a bit more fit and healthier. It’s also pretty cool for bringing the family together with the dancing and sporting games. I know, it sounds like an utopia and quiet surrealistic in 2019 but I’m hoping.

I have a Wii which I still use regularly by myself or with my family and I also bought an Xbox One just because of the Kinect, hoping that new games would be coming (that was cc. 2 years ago).

It obviously can’t substitute your outdoor activities, such as a nice walk in the fresh air but these weren’t really designed for that. Important to say that I’m not a health maniac, at all. It’s just simply a lot of fun to play these games meanwhile you do a bit or even a lot for your health. The games for Wii are basically unbeatable but it’s because there are no cool games made for the Microsoft platform. I hope it will change soon, now that Kinect resurrected. If not, I hope that Nintendo will come up with a new ” let’s make you active” console. Or any other big company…Sony maybe?
Until then I just use the oldie but goldie games for the Wii and the very cool Fruit Ninja and the quite weak but still usable Sport Rivals for the Kinect.

These are 2 (3) units that are awesome but can’t be officially purchased as new in 2019. Only used and refurbished models are available which is still fine but it’s just strange that all of these models are discontinued without any new options.

One more thought : For those who like dancing the Kinect can be a significantly better pick. I would also recommend the Kinect if the kids are under 6. In all other situations the Wii is still a better option, in my opinion.

If you’re intrested more in what options you can currently have, visit these websites below :

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