Samsung Galaxy J8 Easy Review

Hardware (CPU, GPU, RAM, Display etc.)5.5
Performance & Multitasking7.5
Camera for Photo8
Camera for Video (max. 1920x1080)7.5
Android Version (8 Oreo with Samsung UI)7.5
Gaming Experience (2D & 3D)7
Audio Speakers for Music5
Headphone/Earphone Audio for Music9
Quality of Calls8.5
Response Time - Applications8
Response Time - Fingerprint Sensor7
Response Time - Face Unlock6
Weight and Feel in Palm8
Extras (Memory Card Slot, Dual SIM, Fingerprint & Face Unlock, Mini-Jack or USB Type-C)8.5
Price & Value4
Samsung Galaxy J8 is a solid mid-level performer but it feels quite overpriced. There are much better options in this category such as the Xiaomi or Nokia phones but if you're a Samsung fan this phone is a decent pick.
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Samsung Galaxy J8 Easy Review

Samsung Galaxy J8 Easy Review |

Samsung made this phone basically to break into the Indian market and become a stronger competitor also on this field. Of course, this phone can be purchased worldwide not just in India. Former J models are already quite popular in ie. in Brazil.

Samsung Galaxy J8 is at the lower end of the medium category and it’s priced quite high to its capabilities. It comes with 3GB RAM/32GB ROM or 4GB RAM/64GB ROM with MicroSD support up to 512GB and Android 8 Oreo with the Samsung UI on top of it, which means having cool Samsung features but it’s not a nicely configurable/flexible system. It has Dual SIM slots, too. The biggest strength of this phone is the camera.It performs better than the competitors in this range, mostly in low-light. The maximum video resolution is 1920×1080 @30fps. You can take 16MP or 5 MP (selfie) photos. The battery (3500mAh) is non-removable and its life, altough not outstanding but, is better than average.

It has a large and nice 6″ infinity display but its resolution is low (1480×720) for this price tag. There is no ambient light sensor that can be annoying sometimes and the fingerprint and face recognition sensors are slow therefore unlocking the phone this way isn’t much fun. The CPU is Octa-Core but it’s an older and slower Snapdragon 450. It’s a nice performer if it comes to gaming. Samsung Galaxy J8 has Micro USB and Audio-Jack connectors.

Overall, Samsung Galaxy J8 is a good mid-level performer but in some cases it feels that it’s been made of cheap parts and materials so that Samsung can keep the profit margin as high as possible.That’s usually the case with any company but if the quality degrades this much then the price should also do that. Depending on the location, the 64GB version costs cc. €200-400 / $225-450. Samsung Galaxy J8 seems to be overpriced. For example, any Xiaomi phone in this range or the Nokia 6.1 are way better picks.It lokks like a bit that this phone was made for Samsung brand fans.

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