Beast in Black

Beast in Black

Beast in Black is a heavy metal band officialy from Finland but the singer (Yannis Papadopoulos) is Greek and the bassist (Mate Molnar) is a Hungarian musician. The band is fairly new, as it started its activity in 2015. Beast in Black plays real heavy metal with awesome guitar riffs, intensive drum plays and Yannis has an extraterrestrial voice.His tones can go up out of range. His singing technique is priceless and fits perfectly to this genre. Obviously the classic hey-days of heavy metal are over (but thankfully it’s coming back a bit in recent years as we know “Heavy Metal Never Dies”) and it’s really hard to get noticed in these days but Beast in Black is going ahead strong.It might also help them a bit that they are located in one of the sacred shrines of heavy metal – Finland.

beast in black bandTheir song “Beast in Black” is already a legend. I would already put this song to the Heavy Metal Hall of Fame without any hesitation. It’s full of power with the highest level of singing metal by Yannis. This is a masterpiece. Some songs (ie. From Hell With Love / Sweet True Lies) sound like the ones from the 1980’s giving a cool party metal feeling and they have classic metal ballad songs, too.


Publisher : Nuclear Blast Records

beast in black berserker cover

  1. Beast in Black
  2. Blind and Frozen
  3. Blood of a Lion
  4. Born Again
  5. Zodd the Immortal
  6. The Fifth Angel
  7. Crazy, Mad, Insane
  8. Hell for All Eternity
  9. Eternal Fire
  10. End of the World
  11. Ghost in the Rain

Publisher : Nuclear Blast Records

beast in black from hell with love cover

  1. Cry Out for a Hero
  2. From Hell with Love
  3. Sweet True Lies
  4. Repentless
  5. Die by the Blade
  6. Ocean Deep
  7. Unlimited Sin
  8. True Believer
  9. This is War
  10. Heart of Steel
  11. No Surrender

BAND (in 2019)

Yannis Papadopoulos – Vocal

Anton Kabanen – Guitar

Kasperi Heikkinen – Guitar

Mate Molnar – Bass

Atte Palokangas – Drums


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