Devotion Easy Review

3D Model Details (environment)9
3D Model Details (characters)7.5
Resolution (up to 4K gets highest point)10
Music (OST)9
Sound and Effects10
In Game Conversations10
Horror Factor9.5
Game Uniqueness Factor9.5
Maps and Level Setups9
Puzzle Solving Factor7
Artistic Value8.5
Playability and Controls10
Game Optimization6.5
Bugs (the higher number means less bugs)9
Negatives (anything that degrades the experience - the higher value the better)9
Price Value Ratio (the higher the better)9
The Fun Factor9
Overall Feel9.5
Devotion is a very good psychological horror game taking place in the 1980's Taiwan. It has a great story, nice design, good OST but it's not for everyone. Mostly now that it's not even available anymore.I hope it will come back soon.
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Devotion Easy Review

Devotion Easy Review |

It’s important that at the time of writing this review Devotion isn’t available on Steam because it was removed. The developers made a mistake that caused many Chinese gamers going furious. The mistake was that there was a paper on the wall in the game that contained politically offensive content. I played the game and also saw that paper but because it was in Chinese it made no effect on me but obviously it did on Chinese people. Anyway, I’m not going to go into this deeper. This unfortunate mistake happened, so Red Candle Games work on the correction and hopefully it will be fixed and Chinese gamers will show some forgivness towards the developers.

In this Easy Review I focus on the game (just as usual) as if this incidient would have never happened.

Devotion Easy Review

Devotion takes place in Taiwan in the 1980’s. It’s a story about a religious family with an ill girl. Basically as the title describes this is all about Devotion. A touching story in a really well designed horror game. Everything happens in a Taiwanese building in different times.The flats keep changing as the game progress and you put together the puzzles of the past.Devotion isn’t a AAA game.It’s made by a small Taiwanese studio, Red Candle Games. The game is short. It took me about 3.5 hours to finish and I don’t play fast, at all. It might be 2.5-3 hours with an average gaming speed. Anyway it’s a slow pace game as you have to understand it, it’s like a great horror movie in which you’re the actor. It looks really good, the 3D design is very nice, the story is great, the OST is also cool…and it’s scary. It costs cc. €15 and it’s totally worth it. Devotion is a very good psychological horror game. The game isn’t greatly optimized because it had some minor lagging issues between 2 scenes (after loading the new scene) in 4K on a powerful PC. Also once it crashed so it wasn’t nice but that’s all the cons.

It’s a pity that this silly mistake happened. I do hope there is a good way out from this issue for Red Candle Games.

Developer : Red Candle Games

Publisher : Red Candle Games

Game Engine : Unity

Country of Origin : Taiwan

Genre : Psychological Horror

Release : 2019

Platforms : PC (Windows)

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