Tales Of Vates

Tales Of Vates

Metal art from France. Tales of Vates is an instrumental band focusing on melodic electric guitar play in the genre of symphonic metal / neo-classical metal including power metal elements. Their songs are full of emotions and it’s really something that sensitive people can value. Mostly if they like heavy metal/rock. And actually a lot of sensitive people do. The guitar riffs and themes are very technical and beautifully composed and listening the songs will take you to the World of Fantasy. There are also piano plays that are real pieces of music art. Tales of Vates reminds me to Hizaki’s and Teru’s guitar plays in Versailles and also the Hizaki Project.(I’ll write about them next time) I think their inspiration can be originated to these fantastic viusal kei Japanese metal guitarists. Tales of  Vates is full of talent, sense and musical knowledge. I could also totally imagine their songs in Japanese themed video games as well. ie. Nier kind of games. I’m really glad that I found this treasure.



Released in December 2, 2018

Tales of Vates 1Part I:

  1. The Fate of Celestia
  2. Prisoner Beauty
  3. Liberation
  4. Rhapsody Of Time

Part II:

5. Come Across in Destiny
6. Endless Sorrow
7 . Tears Of Tragedy
8 .Darkness Rising
9. Last Hope
10. The Sky’s Song


There is also a complete story behind these magical notes.

First Part : ” The Wrath Of Elizabeth Celestia ” Several years passed since the defeat of Etamin and Asuran, and a war raged between Fantasia and Celestia. Celestia being famous for its population who were full of hatred, where only chaos reigns, Fantasia won the war… Only… One survived… Elizabeth the girl of Gaarak (chapter I) 19 years old who was locked up behind a sealed door. Having a terrifying and unverifiable force, its people took fear and locked her up . Except that one day a stranger brought him the key and released her and told her the sad news that her father was killed by Gabriel. Elizabeth wishing to avenge the death of her father, will destroy all those who will stand in her way .

2nd Part : ” The Evil Plague ” The weird stranger took advantage of the confrontation between Gabriel and Elizabeth to murder queen Évangeline in her castle and stole the royal orbe which will bring him an incredible power. This man is no other than Zekrone, a malefic being, who wishes to annihilate all the kingdoms in order to conquer them and create a world filled with blood and despair. Elisabeth understood that she was used by this man as a diversion in order to achieve his aims. Arrogant, she couldn’t support it and attacked him. Zekrone released all his power thanks to the strength of the royal orbe, and killed her with his own hands! The real nightmare begins! Jeanne will join Gabriel to engage in the decisive battle; the last hope to save Fantasia’s Kingdom is between their hands.

You can also listen more of their arts from smaller albums and solo tracks on Tales of Vates’ Soundcloud page.

The song “higeki no hïrö | 悲劇の英雄” is another beautiful song. It’s not part of the album above but a separate track that can be listened or purchased here. This 2:31 long beauty is like a good tasty wine. You can feel the different flavours separately but it’s still in one wonderful piece. The first part reminds me to the main theme of the 1970 movie, Love Story. Then comes a nice 10 sec bridge that sounds strong and creepy, just like themes from the Silent Hill video game series. And finally we enter the guitar part which brings up the best days of Gary Moore then slowly fades into a Japanese visual kei type of metal. But this song is none of them, it’s all of them. Really well done!

I also have to mention that the artwork for the logo and cover design are also pretty cool. Very arty and feels like coming from the heart. Logo and Album Title by Mythrid Art and cover artwork by Nadia D Cosmos.


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