5 Cool Video Game Remakes

5 Cool Video Game Remakes

5 Cool Video Game Remakes that are really remade not just upres textures and minor tweaks (such as remasters).

1. Resident Evil 2

Resident Evil 2 5 Cool Video Game RemakesResident Evil series speak for itself. It’s a classic in the survival horror genre. We’re back in Raccoon City and the task is to escape…and it’s not easy at all. Lots of fear, zombies, action, high blood pressure and so on.All this in 2019’s video game standars made with RE Engine that was originally developed for Resident Evil 7 by Capcom. Beautiful graphics, nice animations and control. RE2 is a fantastic remake but not for the faint of heart.This game is scary…after all it’s a horror game so it has to be scary.

Developer : Capcom

Publisher : Capcom

Game Engine : RE Engine (Reach for the Moon) developed by Capcom

Genre : Survival Horror

Country of Origin : Japan

Release : 2019

Platforms : PS4, Xbox One, PC (Windows)


Doom 10 Pure Destruction Games

New hell was born after 23 years and this one looks much better but the first one had a huge impact on video gaming. After the 1993 first release the 2016 version is just in a total different dimension. The new Doom was rebuilt from scratch and it’s a brand new hellistic experience.You can fight with all monsters of the dark abyss even in 4K.








Developer : id Software

Publisher : Bethesda Softworks

Game Engine : id Tech 6

Genre : FPS

Country of Origin : USA

Release : 2016

Platforms : PS4, Xbox One, PC (Windows), Nintendo Switch

3. Shadow of the Colossus

Shadow of the Colossus 5 Cool Video Game Remakes

The original title was released in 2005. The developers rebuilt the characters and environment basically from the ground and added new arty visuals to it while fully keeping the main story, most of the animations and other gaming elements. The task is to fight with the colossi…and there is a some of them, so this game can keep you busy for a while. It takes about cc.12-13 hours to finish it with an average paced gaming style.

Developer : Bluepoint Games

Publisher : Sony Interactive Entertainment

Game Engine : N/A

Genre : Action/Adventure

Country of Origin : Japan

Release : 2018

Platforms : PS4 Exclusive

4. Age of Empires Definitive Edition

Age of Empires Definitive 5 Cool Video Game Remakes

If you’re an old time gamer you you must remember the classic Age of Empires games back from the late 1990’s. This game was the king of strategy games and we played countless hours with it. Even online…with the brrr…tik…tik…brrr…tikk… dial-up modems, and as kids we strictly played it at night because internet was far cheaper from midnight to 6 🙂 It was billed per minute. Crazy times with great games and the early days of the internet.

But enough nostalgia here. Microsoft Studios released the AOE Definitive Edition that looks like a video game meeting recent days’ standards.It not only looks beautiful but many elements such as better AI, animations, larger population etc. are remade and/or rethought.It’s basically a neww game fully based on the originals.

Developer : Forgotten Empires

Publisher : Microsoft Studios

Game Engine : N/A

Genre : Real-time strategy

Country of Origin : USA

Release : 2018

Platforms : PC (Windows 10 only)

5. Tomb Raider: Anniversary

Tomb Raider is another super famous franchise and the Anniversary edition is the 8th in the line. There is no gamer who doesn’t know the adventure of Lara Croft. The first Tomb Raider was released in 1996 and the Anniversary edition came out in 2007. 12 years ago, so the game by now is outdated and looks cheap compared to today’s games but back in 2007 it was just like Resident Evil 2 in 2019. Obviously the current version of Tomb Raider looks far better and plays fa better too but this game is still fun to play and it’s worth to check it out and compare it with the original version.The difference is fantastic…maybe we should get an Anniversary of the Anniversary in these years 🙂

Developer : Crystal Dynamics

Publisher : Eidos Interactive

Game Engine : Game Engine of Tomb Raider: Legend

Genre : Action-Adventure

Country of Origin : Japan

Release : 2007

Platforms : PS2, PS3, Xbox 360, PC (Windows), OSX, Wii