Sekiro Shadows Die Twice Easy Review

3D Model Details (environment)8
3D Model Details (characters)7
Resolution (up to 4K gets highest point)10
Character Animations7
Music (OST)7.5
Sound and Effects8.5
In Game Conversations7.5
Action Adventure Factor10
Game Uniqueness Factor8
Level Setups7.5
Artistic Value9.5
Playability and Controls2.5
Game Optimization9.5
Bugs (the higher number means less bugs)8
Negatives (anything that degrades the experience - the higher value the better)0.5
Price Value Ratio (the higher the better)2.5
The Fun Factor0.5
Overal Feel2.5
It's a highly niche game. Recommended for those who like hard games and extreme challenges but definitely not for those who don't want to be trapped in a repeat loop. For most, this game is like a mandatory, almost impossible to do housework that must be done in any circumstances if you want to pass. I would say, Sekiro: Buyers Think Twice before you purchase.
Reader Rating: (1 Rate)5

Sekiro Shadows Die Twice Easy Review

Sekiro Shadows Die Twice Easy Review |

The first thing that you might have heard about this game is that it’s too hard. Also if you watch gameplay videos you can see how easy people can play this game. So it can be confusing. But those who mastered it, had failed a lot.

Is this game hard? Yes, this game is very hard.

Sekiro Shadows Die Twice Easy ReviewThe ambient is fantastic, such as the basic concept of the game and the age and location where the story happens are also great. It really feels like the ancient Japan and it’s brilliantly done but on the playability side, Sekiro overall is a really dummy game. The AI feels super old and the movement of the characters is also not very good but it’s managable. If you can’t learn, feel how to parry you’re sentenced to death each time you face against even a miniboss. Their hitboxes are just enormous,  sometimes it takes one hit and you’re in the way of resurrection.You can only ressurect once in a boss fight, at least that was the case for me. You can be a master of attacking, doding,  jumping, stealth kills but all mean nothing in this game if you aren’t a master of parrying. As a matter of fact it’s enough if you’re a parry master because all other actions are almost marginal. You can even kill bosses by simply parrying the whole fight then only attack once for the deathblow.

If you really want to be effective in a boss fight the actual gaming part is about parry, parry, parry, parry, parry, hit, hit, parry, parry, parry, parry, parry, hit, hit, dodge or jump when undeflectable attack is on its way and start over. The most important and hardest part is parry but if you practice enough it can work fine but it will cost you a lot of attempts and even more patience to master it.

Is Sekiro Shadows Die Twice a good game? It’s good, even fantastic for one side and it’s a terrible, annoying, frustrating experience for the other. It’s basically doable but if you don’t have time, feel to repeat a boss fight 5-10 even 15 times or simply don’t want the stress a boss fight can cause (and who would want that) it’s definitely not a game for you. Overall I would say this game is highly missing the main point of a video game and it’s the fun factor.Until you reach the level that it can be fun to play it’s just too late and Sekiro basically became a non-paid job, not just a game to play.

On the other hand, if you like hard games such as the other FromSoftware games, Dark Souls, Bloodborne then it can be a good challenge to you but keep in my mind that if you’re just curious about this game wait for a massive sale because if you’re stucked in a boss fight then the only way out is to repeat, repeat, repeat (and becoming much better in parrying)…until you succes. And originating from this point and the mentioned negative reasons above you can easily feel ripped of by this game, as even the very first (basically tutorial) level boss is very challenging.

Overall the game is beautifully done and looks very good but if you’re trapped in a scene then all the deisgn mean nothing because the only way to experience it are gameplay videos and obviously it’s not your priority.

Developer : FromSoftware

Publisher : FromSoftware (Japan) / Activision (USA)

Game Engine : improved Dark Souls III engine by FromSowftware

Country of Origin : Japan

Genre : Action / Adventure

Release : 2019

Platforms : PS4, Xbox One, PC (Windows)

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