CleanTalk Review

CleanTalk Review

CleanTalk is an anti-spam service for websites. More exactly –

Cloud spam protection for forums, boards, blogs and sites


I’ve been using CleanTalk since February 2019 and it does a superb job. Why?


If you have a website you probably experienced those:

  • annoying anyonym sign-ups to your blog
  • meaningless spam comments, sometimes written in weird languages that are totally unrelevant to the actual post subject
  • emails from bots and spam attacks to your email account(s) via your website


I did all that and used Captcha, Re-Captcha (sub/uber/mega whatever captcha) and while they did the job more or less, they were very inconvenient to use and not besides they also looked cheap. These only worked well for the Contact Form but they didn’t filter and/or block reliably the spam comments and sign-ups.

In the last 5 months since I’ve been using CleanTalk, all spam run into a wall and I don’t see any more spams. It all happen in deep silence in the background using the CleanTalk WordPress Plugin instead of using 3-4 other plugins that can also have conflict with each other.


How much is it?

I know, price is a very important factor and I also have a look at the free alternatives of every service/software etc. CleanTalk isn’t free but it’s very affordable. 9.99USD / year but there are running discounts with 20% OFF so it doesn’t cost you more than 8 USD/year (that is 2.2 US cents/day)

They also offer a 7 day trial so that you can check out the interface and stuffs like that. No credit card required so it’s not the “7 day free but we charge if you don’t cancel” idea.

CleanTalk is a great value for money and a really cool thing that saves you a lot of time and you can get rid of those annoying spams.



– reliable and very efficient

– invisible

– works for not only contact forms but sign up forms, comments and forums

– great value for money



– none (so far)


If you’re interested you can find more details and deeper explanation about their services on the

CleanTalk Website