Detroit Become Human Easy Review

3D Model Details (environment)10
3D Model Details (characters)10
Resolution (up to 4K gets highest point)10
Character Animations10
Music (OST)8
Sound and Effects9.5
In Game Conversations10
Action Adventure Factor9
Game Uniqueness Factor10
Level Setups10
Artistic Value9.5
Playability and Controls8
Game Optimization10
Bugs (the higher number means less bugs)10
Negatives (anything that degrades the experience - the higher value the better)9.5
Price Value Ratio (the higher the better)10
The Fun Factor10
Overal Feel10
This game is simply fantastic. The story, the game quality, the overall feel is just mind blowing. You basically play a movie.
Reader Rating: (1 Rate)8.9

Detroit Become Human Easy Review

Detroit Become Human Easy Review |

First of all, I have to say that I got this game for free in the PS Plus membership Free Games in July, 2019.Why is it important?Because I was planning to buy this game but even when it was on sale before I just always skipped purchasing it becasue of another game. The last time was Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice that pushed Detroit: Become Human back to one spot which was enough to skip it again. I paid full price for Sekiro and I highly regret that because to me that game is a really frustrating and annoying experience with no fun at all.On the other hand I downloaded DBC for free and it not only became human but it became one of the best video game I’ve ever played.

Detroit Become Human Easy Review 6Detroit: Become Human is a mind blowing experience. It takes place in Detroit, 2038 and you play the story of some individual androids and see a progress of who androids are becoming human. During the gameplay you play with multiple android characters and everything is up to your decisions. Just like in real life. The story is fantastic, the characters are done outstandingly and not only technically but also on the humanoid/android side. This game is highly cinematic. The developers worked with real actors who form the characters in the game. Absolutely stunning motion tracking, high-quality 3D models and textures.Basically they paid full attention even to the smallest detailes. The WOW factor of this game is the highest possible.It’s pretty rare to me that I can’t put down the controller because I’m so much in the game but DBC is a game that I barely can’t stop playing. At the very beginning, just right before you start the game in the menu there is a sentence which sounds something like this –

It’s not just a game, it is the future.

It’s important to say that DBC isn’t a fast pace game and requires lots of decisions and also (sometimes quick) brain work. DBC should be played more than once as you can create different stories with different endings. There is also option to select between multiple languages (even more options for subtitles) and because of the nature of the game it can be super useful for every non-English native and basically essential for non-English speakers.

Detroit: Become Human is more than just a game and it requires mature mind in many cases therefore it’s really a 16+ game as most of the younger gamers might not understand it properly.

The only downside, that switching camera angles and therefore the controls can sometimes be confusing a bit.But becasue this game isn’t really a type of game when you have to constanly look around for attacking enemies, it is alright.

Overall this game is an absolute must.

Detroit Become Human Easy Review 4Developer : Quantic Dream (France)

Publisher : Sony Interactive Entertainment (Japan)

Game Engine :  N/A but whatever engine it is, it’s programmed very well

Country of Origin : France

Genre : Adventure

Release : 2018

Platforms : PS4, for PC (Windows) coming soon

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