China Tech City

China Tech City

China Tech City is a super cool project by Abacus. It’s not only very informative about the current and dominant Chinese tech companies but it’s also an awesome lowpoly 3D city in which you can wander around and collect a lot of knowledge.

China_Tech_City_by_Abacus_4If you’re interested in the tech giants of China it’s a perfect place to come. CTC isn’t the only thing you can study about China on Abacus but there are news about games, culture and even more things like reviews in different subjects.


If you’re interested in lowpoly 3D modeling then it’s also a nice place to come and see a nicely done city design put together in a real live working piece in action.


Even if you don’t deal with China at all you’ve probably heard about Alibaba, Xiaomi, Tencent but there are others that are massive and coming on the fast lane of popularity.

For example, have you heard about Pinduoduo? An e-commerce company/platform that is changing habits and is able to grab a huge market share in rural China where the other big ones like JD and Alibaba failed (so far). Pinduoduo is using the power of bulk orders so more people come together and make one big order instead many small ones.

Or Tmall? It’s basically Alibaba in China.

Altough there are smaller or sub/branch companies missing from this map but there is still a large amount of data available to get to know and understand deeper the progress of technology in China.

Overall it’s a fantastic concept and very well done.

You can find more tech related content on in the Technology section.