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PS Plus Free Games October 2019 The Last of Us

PS Plus Free Games October 2019

Playstation Plus Membership program offer monthly free games for its subscribers. Let's see the free games list for October, 2019.

Metal Bands

NEW | Treasure Hunter & Finder of Metal Bands
  • Tales Of Vates

    Tales of Vates 2
    Tales of Vates is an instrumental band focusing on melodic electric guitar play in the genre of visual kei symphonic metal / neo-classical metal.
  • Beast in Black

    beast in black fetaured
    Beast in Black is a heavy metal band from Finland. They formed in 2015 and since then they released 2 albums. Must to listen to all metalheads.
  • Vandroya

    Vandroya is a female fronted heavy metal band from Brazil. They play classic heavy metal with power/speed metal, progressive and rock elements.