boscorelli / boscorelli3D / Boscorelli Art Stock Media is a stock media artist who create stock media content including footage, animation, timelapse, photo & illustration as well as 3D models. These works are available via multiple stock media agencies around the Globe.

Over 15 years of experience in creating media to audiences and have been making stock media content since 2009.

These works are used Worldwide in films, video games, VR/AR projects, series/serials, documentaries, advertisements, visualization projects, product demos,  scientific and educational projects as well as digital media product contents.

You can also find much interesting content, other than stock media on this blog, that you might find useful. These contents include the “Easy Reviews”*. Quick review system of video games, physical products (such as phones), softwares mostly related to digital media and 3D environments, posts/articles about video games and the video game industry, techincal tips & guides mostly for softwares. More themes will be added over time. These are for example shout-outs to Indie Game Makers | Heavy Metal Bands | Stock Media Artists and basic Business & Finance content about stocks and shares.

*Easy Reviews – is a super quick review system on with only a few sentences and focusing on the daily/practical use and core characteristics of a certain product being a physical product or video game/software. Ideal for those who don’t want to spend too much time reading deeply detailed reviews, instead want to focus on the main features and key parts of a product and get a good approach of it…and quick.

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